The above photo shows Drosophila flanked by its commensal microbial communities. To the left are bacterial colonies growing on MRS media and to the right are yeast colonies on RBCA media. (Photos by James Angus Chandler and Kathy Keatly-Garvey. Drosophila image from Beadle and Sturtevant 1942.)

This pretty much sums up my dissertation. I characterized the microbial communities that are associated with wild-caught Drosophila populations. A better understanding of the natural Drosophila microbiome is necessary to inform laboratory experiments done in this model system. Read more about my work on the research page.

In June 2013, I began a postdoctoral position with Dr. Shannon Bennett at the California Academy of Sciences. I am characterizing the microbial communities associated with mosquitoes and looking for correlations between viral and bacterial diversity. I am particularly interested in how different factors, such as local mosquito diversity, the availability of mammalian hosts, and the degree of anthropogenic disturbance influence the mosquito microbiota. In addition, I am exploring how next-generation sequencing technologies can be used for the discovery of novel viruses. Click here to see more about my research at the California Academy of Sciences.

Feel free to contact me at

jamesanguschandler (at)

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