My goal as a teacher is for students not to simply learn science, but to become scientists themselves. This does not mean that I expect all my students to pursue a career in scientific research, but that I want to give them the ability to analyze and interpret information in a thoughtful and rigorous manner. In order to achieve this goal, I am constantly reevaluating my own performance, adjusting lesson plans based on student feedback, and participating in teaching workshops. In this way, I continually grow as a teacher as my students grow as scientists.

Teaching Philosophy

1) Classroom material and exercises should serve a dual purpose; they should convey important biological concepts, while simultaneously building scientific skills that are useful outside the strict academic focus of the course.

2) Self-reflection and continuous training are necessary components to improving one’s teaching abilities.

Training and Experience

I have sought out numerous opportunities to enhance my skill as an educator. In particular, I have participated in several workshops offered through the UC-Davis Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and have taken teaching-related courses in the Evolution and Ecology Department and the Microbiology Department at UC Davis. While a graduate student, I was a TA for four different courses over twelve quarters. Details of my training and teaching experience can by found in my CV.

My complete teaching statement is available here.


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